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HCPC and BPS registered Psychologist

I want to help you understand where your difficulties come from, so we can help you develop a healthy and happy life. We will work together closely, and I will commit myself to supporting you and helping through this time until you’re living the life that you want.  

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What I offer

My number one priority is helping you. Everything I do is collaborative, and nothing will be a surprise because we will always communicate. My approach with each client is very different, because each client is unique. I would be happy to chat with you about the therapy and how it will go, as I know that finding the right Psychologist can be a difficult time. I’m happy to help you work through it and find the right person.

Please feel free to contact me and browse through the 'About me' and 'About Therapy' sections for more information.


I also offer consultation for professionals. Please see the appropriate section for more information or contact me if you wish to discuss a need and/or project.


If you want to start gaining some insight over your struggles, and support in improving your navigation of life, please get in touch.

01829 708150

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