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My name is Catrin (you can call me Cat) and I’m an experienced HCPC and BPS registered Psychologist. Most of my expertise and focus is around trauma, mental health difficulties, forensic needs and risk. I work with people who have been struggling for a long time, and work effectively with people who feel ‘stuck’.   

I want to help you understand where your difficulties come from, so we can work on helping you develop a healthy and happy life. We will work together closely, and I will commit myself to supporting you and helping through this time until you’re living the life that you want.   


My experience 

I am currently working for a forensic service that focuses on supporting people with developmental trauma and long-term difficulties that continue to affect their lives. 

Firstly, I work with people who have experienced trauma, either long-term (i.e., trauma that lasts for a long time) or short-term (i.e., one significant traumatic experience). Events such as this can lead to a range of mental health difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, panic and psychosis. They can also lead to a range of coping behaviours or personality difficulties that are unhelpful in life, such as self-harm and suicidal thoughts, substance use, relationship struggles, and so on. My expertise is around helping someone understand where their behaviour and mental health difficulties are stemming from, so then we can work on changing them and supporting them to develop a healthier life. 

I also work with difficulties that have the potential to become more risky, or that have the potential to cause harm (to self or others). This might look like difficulties in managing emotion and/or anger, aggression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, intrusive thoughts that cause distress (e.g., violent or sexual). 


My Approach 

My number one priority is helping you. Everything I do is collaborative, and nothing will ever be a surprise because we will always communicate. My approach with each client is very different, because each client is unique. But overall, I like to remain relaxed and create as much safety as possible within our therapeutic relationship. 


See the 'About Therapy' section for more information. 

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